Cloud Token was jointly built by Digital Curren Group (DCG) Pantera Capital (PC) Bloockchian Capital (BC) Andreessen Horowitz (AH), four of the most influential venture capital companies, with a world-class quantification team in Singapore and a regional technological genius in Asia, Ronald AAI (Chinese name: Ronald), who spent six months together to build it. A wallet on a chain of decentralized blocks.
Ronald AAI is the founder of the fourth generation block chain BBS. He is the world's top technical engineer. He was also the technical director of IBM, Samsung and other large well-known companies. He is also a well-known wallet technical consultant.
After the Spring Festival of 2019, Cloud Token System is still in the process of research and development. At a small salon conference held in China, Guangzhou and China, invited guests and experts from many blocks are included. Among them, Mr. Zhao Sheng is also on the spot. (Profile Zhao Sheng: Mr. Zhao Sheng is an American Chinese, is the largest virtual digital asset exchange in Singapore, and the founder of WBF. He is also the initiator of the New York World Block Chain Conference, the world's first de-centralized stable currency DUSD (USD) is the founder of the French currency public chain, which is equivalent to the USDT of our RMB exchange in China. At present, his USD is on many exchanges, such as OK, Yuan An, etc. He is a Taishan and a figure in the currency circle. At the salon meeting, Mr. Zhao Sheng personally pushed Cloud Token's wallet. (Da) We can watch Mr. Zhao's speech videos. We think Cloud Token develops a Chain Wallet developed on the BBS public chain with the carrier of de-centralization, and grafts the development plan of more applications landing. It is the inevitable trend of block chain development in the future.
At the beginning of May, we will personally witness the world's top experts in the financial circle, such as the monetary sector, the stock sector and so on. Let's wait and see!

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